If there’s someone who understands stress and the huge demands of a fast-paced career, that’s me.

My background is in the busy media world of advertising so I understand first-hand the thrill of life in the fast lane, its highs and its lows too. 

Every year…


around £3.2 billion are lost due to absenteeism for stress and mental health disorders

My program, in both individual and group settings, is designed to bring emotional intelligence for productivity, creativity, resilience and happiness to the workplace.

Weekly/biweekly Mindfulness Meditation and Guided Self-Enquiry sessions will help participants to…

Reduce stress

Focus more precisely

Improve clarity of thought

Communicate more effectively

Have a superior level of wellbeing

Improved awareness of self and others

Increased performance

Sessions, whether 1:1 or in groups, are a mix of teaching, experiential practice and discussion

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