Elevated Emotions

The other day I was walking down the street and saw a quote written on a wall, it said “don’t be a slave to your emotions, learn to control them”. It saddened me to wonder how many people might be struggling to rein back their emotions once fully overwhelmed by them, fighting a battle they simply cannot win by just opposing.

Emotions are the language of the body, thoughts are the mind’s.

The two are intrinsically connected. If we think about something wonderful, joyful, our body will respond with a positive emotion. This applies to the other side of the coin; if we dwell on negative thoughts, we will feel a corresponding array of emotions.

So the question stands, can we really control our emotions? Through meditation, we can reprogram our thoughts to be a map of the future instead of a record of the past. When we focus on our intention in a mental rehearsal and visualize the future condition we want (i.e., happiness/success/healing), we feel an elevated emotion. We instruct the body and change it by building new brain circuits and rewiring old programs. We harmonize the heart and brain’s neural networks, improving our health and allowing us to pave the path to our desired outcomes.

The simple act of joining our two hands together connects the body’s energy centers and draws us to our heart center. Feeling gratitude and compassion opens us to receiving guidance, insights, and intuition and to experiencing the feeling of having already been successful.

If you would like to know more about how to reprogram your brain to be a map of your future, do get in touch.