It’s All in Our Minds

When I started riding motorcycles I thought it was only going to be a hobby, something I always wanted to do, something fun.

Pretty soon I realised that riding a motorcycle was a great metaphor for life. Stay in the moment, look where you want to go, trust yourself and the machine, feel and focus on the outcome.

And while I was naturally good at staying in the moment and feeling, it was obvious that I really couldn’t trust my machine and, ultimately, myself. Despite riding one of the best bikes on the market, I couldn’t take that corner fast enough.

The limit wasn’t the bike, it wasn’t the road; the limit was only in my mind.
I had convinced myself that I couldn’t do it and, as Henry Ford once said, “whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right”.

We shouldn’t blame ourselves for our limits. They are there to push us, they are an opportunity to better ourselves, to heal old wounds, to remind us that we are not meant to be perfect but that the journey of becoming the best version of ourselves is one worth taking.

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