True Potential

Have you ever tried yoga blindfolded? Well, if not, it’s time for you to try and take your practice to a whole new level.

Having practiced for almost a decade, I admit I thought I had a good grasp of yoga. Most importantly, I thought that good breathing, strong core and balance was all that was required to execute this ancient practice.
Until last weekend, when I attended a yoga and meditation retreat in South Wales and was asked to wear an eye mask during the class.

In a second, I realised I had forgotten the real purpose of yoga for a very long time. Even though I was standing in the same position a second prior to then, completely aware of my surroundings, the moment I covered my eyes and was no longer able to see through them, I felt I’d completely lost my bearings, I was out of balance, impaired.

It took me a few breaths to revert to my internal vision, to trust my intuition and to connect to the deeper awareness of my body and the space around it.
And boy, what a difference it made! I was flowing better, I was in tune with my movements, I was seeing with my third eye and feeling with my breath. The space around me was no longer limited by the walls of the class, it became endless and I was part of it. I felt so incredibly powerful.

Unless we practice meditation, we all tend to live our lives relying only upon our external senses. But our internal vision, our intuition are the most powerful tools we have, they can truly take us to places we didn’t even know existed.

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